Generosity is an extraordinary force.

The Community Foundation of Kittitas County, founded in April 2014, was established to “Connect people who care with causes that matter” in Kittitas County, Washington.

The Community Foundation of Kittitas County is a public charitable organization created to enrich the quality of life for all residents of Kittitas County, Washington. We are both a grantmaker and a vehicle for donors to accomplish their philanthropic dreams.

Our Invitation

We hope you will become part of the Foundation. Our family of dedicated, generous and forward thinking donors is making a difference in our community every day. When and how you give is up to you. You can make a gift today by including the Foundation in your estate planning or by making a cash donation or both. You can establish a fund with the Foundation in about an hour. You are also welcome to contribute to an existing fund.

Six Ways We Serve You

  • 1. Know our donors – their interests, passions & goals.

  • 2. Know our community – its needs, assets & opportunities.

  • 3. Match donor interests & community needs.

  • 4. Support & encourage giving (philanthropy) in our community.

  • 5. Offer Donors tax advantaged giving options.

  • 6. Offer special attention to unmet needs in the community.

Brief History

In 2011 the Rotary Club of Ellensburg Foundation took possession of the financial assets of an estate intended to provide the seed funds for the Community Foundation of Kittitas County. Over the next two years a group of community leaders formed the foundation and the funds were transferred and now are managed and controlled by the foundation.

The donor spent her life saving and investing in order to accumulate funding sufficient to ensure that her developmentally disabled son would receive appropriate care in the event that she passed on before he did. As he passed before she did, she wanted the remainder of her estate to go to causes about which she was passionate.

The fund that was established in her name is now managed by the Community Foundation of Kittitas County as a Donor Designated Fund with multiple entities receiving a portion of the fund’s earnings on an annual basis. The fund is managed to preserve the principal and distribute funds to those entities in perpetuity or until the cause or entity no longer exists. To date, over $160,000 has been directed to the causes she selected before her death.

Ways to Give


At the discretion of the Foundation, earnings from unrestricted funds are distributed to selected programs and organizations benefiting Kittitas County.


A donor may specify a field of interest such as the arts, youth, education, the environment, even a particular neighborhood or town.

DESIGNATED FUND – Provide ongoing support

At the time a fund is established, you may name one or more charitable organizations to receive the income from that fund’s endowment.

DONOR-ADVISED FUND – Stay involved

With a donor-advised fund, you may periodically recommend grants to nonprofit organizations.

FOUNDATION SERVICES FUND– Cultivate Philanthropy in Kittitas County

This fund is essential to the daily operation of the foundation and ensures that the philanthropic work of the foundation will continue indefinitely.

How it Works

ASSETS that you donate to the Foundation create one of several types of funds to support your charitable goals. We offer you a full menu of giving options to tailor your gift.

Talk with your trusted financial advisors about the best way to give through the Community Foundation of Kittitas County.

Gifts (donations) may be made to the foundation in several ways:

  • 1. Cash

  • 2. Planned giving (wills)

  • 3. Various forms of trusts

  • 4. Real property

  • 5. Securities, Life Insurance

  • 6. Retirement accounts

  • 7. Tangible personal property

Contacts & Information


Bob Crowe, President/Trustee
Community Foundation of Kittitas County
P.O. Box 222
Ellensburg, WA 98926
(509) 856-6572

Board of Trustees

  • Jim Pappas Trustee/Chairman
  • Bill Boyum – Trustee/Treasurer
  • Bob Crowe - CEO/Trustee
  • Gary Berndt – Trustee
  • Jesus Baldovinos – Trustee

  • Alex Eyre – Trustee
  • Edna Madsen – Trustee
  • Scott Rollins – Trustee
  • Brett Wachsmith - Trustee
  • Catherine Scarlett – Trustee

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